15 Military Spouse YouTubers You Should Be Following

Military Spouse YouTubers share their lives as military families all around the world.

Are you a new military spouse or girlfriend?  Do you want to learn more about life as a military wife?

Do you want to feel like you are part of a community, as well as find strength and support from others going through the same things as you?

Then you should be watching these military wife YouTubers.

I’ll be the first to admit that before my husband decided to join the military, I rarely ever watched YouTube.

Then when he was waiting to go to boot camp, my husband and I started to watch a TON of it.

My husband liked watching videos about what to expect at boot camp and the Navy, and I wanted to learn as much as I could about what we were getting ourselves into. (from the family’s perspective).

There are so many Military vloggers and Military Wife YouTubers out there today, but these are the ones I like to watch.


Brit + Con

This is THE NUMBER ONE CHANNEL to watch for support, encouragement, and advice:

Brittani is a Navy wife whose husband will be transitioning from Active Duty to the Reserves later this year.  She vlogs about all of the challenges you face as a military spouse ranging from finances, deployment, PCS’ing, to even topics like communication while they are away, how to conquer loneliness, and so much more.  Her husband co-stars in some of the videos, as well.  Brittani is currently pregnant, so she also has vlogs about her first pregnancy, as well as other lifestyle videos.  She is strongly grounded in her faith, and very wise for her young age.  She is without a doubt our favorite Milso YouTuber.



Culp Fiction Vlogs

Blake was former Active Duty Air Force.  Caty has captured many of the moments of their lives together and continues to do so now that they have settled down in Montana.  They have many military vlogs to binge-watch, as well as everyday in the life videos.



Cammie Carter

Cammie is a makeup artist so many of her videos feature beauty tips, make up tutorials, and products she loves.  She does also have some vlogs that are relevant for military spouses, including tips about deployments and care packages.



Skinner TV / Balancing Val

Val met her husband while living in Hawaii where he was stationed.  She is a personal chef who vlogs about deployment, advice, and what it’s like living in Hawaii.  She has a personal channel, and a channel that features her and her husband, Mike.  They are now living in South Carolina, as her husband finishes up his career in the Navy.



Annie & Iggy

Annie is a Navy wife who was living in South Korea.  She doesn’t vlog as much these days, but has some solid content that features when her husband proposed, their wedding, military wife advice, and lots of travel vlogs.



Monse Sanchez Hewett

This channel features videos on army life, pregnancy, and parenting. She has vlogs with challenges, tags, clothing hauls, and more.



Life with Rosy

Rosy vlogs about parenting, traveling, and military life.  Her family is currently living in Japan and has many videos that feature their lives there, as well as all of the cool things to do and see.  Definitely recommend her Youtube for those who would love to be stationed overseas!



Cindy LaTruce

Cindy is a Marine wife who vlogs about the military life, including days in the life, military balls, deployment, and more.  She also documents her pregnancy journey and has a whole series of videos that are about budgeting and finances.



Chloe’s Life

Chloe is an Army wife currently living in Hawaii.  She opens up about trying to conceive, her pregnancies, military life, and more on her page.



Victoria Foxx

Victoria is an Air Force wife who lives in Florida.  She has videos about military life, getting married young, grocery and shopping hauls, and her life in general.




Nick is in the Army, stationed at Fort Campbell. Becca posts military videos that feature their wedding, housing and base tours, deployment and homecoming, as well as advice.  She also has vlogs about their everyday lives, including when her husband proposed to her.



Elizabeth Taylor McKnight

Elizabeth is a military wife that has vlogs about days in the life, cleaning routines, the military, trying to conceive, shopping hauls, and her family.  Her military videos include getting ready to go to the Marines military ball, budgeting, deployment, and more.



Mel and Shane

Shane is in the Navy.  Mel and Shane vlog about their military journey, infertility struggles, the adoption process, what it’s like to live in Japan, and so much more. They also have fun videos like “Speaking Only Spanish to My Family for 24 Hours.”



Shauna Connor

Shauna’s husband is stationed in England.  This family vlogs about their journey as parents, as well as a military family.  They have many sweet videos during deployment that you will be glad you checked out!



Malori Mayor

Malori is a military spouse and nurse that currently lives in Germany.  She has vlogs that feature pregnancy, finances, traveling, cooking, military life, and so much more.  She also is a blogger and has a second channel that focuses on health and nutrition.



Well, there you have it.  Those are our favorite military spouse channels to watch!  Did we leave anyone off the list that you recommend?  Let us know in the comments below!


Military Spouse YouTubers that you should be following



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