8 Unique Gifts to Put in a Christmas Military Care Package

Find a special gift to include in your Christmas military care package this year.

Are you putting together a Christmas military care package for your service member?  Find some unique military-themed gifts to include in your holiday care package this year.

The holidays can be a difficult time for many of those who are deployed overseas, as well as their families who are missing them back home.

Don’t forget to send your deployed service member a gift from the heart that will let them know you are thinking of them this holiday season.

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8 Unique gifts to include in a Christmas military care package

gifts for christmas military care package

Special holiday stickers to decorate your Christmas military care package

If you would like to decorate your care package, but you aren’t very creative or skilled at art, you can find many different care package stickers available online that you can order.

Care package stickers make your package look festive and are super easy to use.  You just peel and place on your package to make it look fancy.

Some of our favorite holiday care package stickers are as follows:

(1)  This Deployment Stink Stank Stunk Grinch Care Package Sticker via Care Package Sticker

Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal Christmas Care Package Sticker via Paper Paisley Shop

Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate, Double Hate, Loathe Entirely! That We Are Not Together! Grinch Care Package Sticker via Sea to Sea with Love

Wallet insert

(2)  Engraved Picture Wallet Insert – Laser Engraved Photo via Vintage Branding Company

This wallet insert includes a special laser engraved photo that your deployed love one can carry with them wherever they go.

Custom military Lego sets

(3)  Mini US Navy Blue Angels LEGO Custom Set via BLOCK Stadiums

This LEGO set is perfect if you have a Navy pilot in your life, or if your loved one is in the Navy or Air Force.

This Etsy shop also has custom LEGO sets for the USAF F-16 Alaskan Aggressor, USAF F-16 Fighting Falcon, USAF F-16 Thunderbird, and USN F-18 Hornet.

This is a special and very unique gift, so it’s a great find for pilots and children of those in the military.

Deployment pocket coins

(4)  Personalized pocket coin for deployment via Gems by Johnna

Another great gift idea is to get an engraved pocket coin that your loved one can carry with them.  It’s a great reminder that you are missing them back home.

Pocket knife

(5) Personalized Camo American Multitool Pocket Knife via Precision Memory

A multitool is always a great gift for any man.  This personalized pocket knife is patriotic and will be loved by your service member.

LDR gifts

(6)  Custom two maps in one gift via Michael and Sabriney

Long distance relationships are more common than in just the military.  This gift is great for couples who are apart, such as during a deployment.

One map shows the overseas location while the other map will show the significant other’s location back home.

Christmas ornament

(7)  We’re Still Under the Same Sky Military Deployment Aluminum Christmas Ornament with Red Ribbon Hanger via Firefly Collective

This is one of my favorite Christmas ornaments that I have purchased.  It’s a great reminder of everything you are going through this year.  You can send it to your loved one or put it on your own tree back at home.

Card games

(8)  Disgruntled Decks game

This card game is similar to cards against humanity, but for the military.  They have a game for every branch of the military and are filled with jokes that only service members would understand.

This makes a great deployment gift because service members can play it amongst each other when they have down time.  It’ll give them a good laugh and keep their spirits up.

Other items to include in a military Christmas care package

Some other more traditional ideas of what to include in a Christmas-themed military care package are:

Homemade holiday cards
Handmade crafts and art projects, such as handprints, etc. 
Candy canes
Mini Christmas tree 
Stocking filled with small gifts or treats
Comfy socks
Hot chocolate packets
Recent photos
Video games (if they have a console available)
Handheld games
Open when letters

You may choose to wrap the Christmas presents so they can open them on Christmas morning.  We individually wrapped each gift and labeled them.

For example, a set of Christmas PJ’s that were meant to be opened on Christmas Eve was labeled to let my husband know to open that one the night before Christmas.

These items should not be put in a military care package:

  1. Perishable food items
  2. Alcohol or drugs
  3. Aeorsols
  4. Adult entertainment

How do you send Christmas care packages to soldiers and service members?

Get a free USPS Military Care Kit from your local USPS.  This includes 6 flat rate boxes (4 medium flat-rate boxes, 2 APO/FPO flat-rate boxes), address labels, customs envelopes, and packing tape.

Decorate your care package, if you choose.

Check the USPS holiday shipping deadlines to know when to get your package out in order for your loved one to get it in time for the holidays.

Find out specific restrictions pertaining to the post office/country you are sending your package.

What did you include in your Christmas military care package?  Leave a comment below.


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