How to Make an Epic Deployment Wall

Learn how to make a deployment wall to help the days go by quicker while your loved one is away from home.

A deployment wall can be made in any area of your home where you have space.  Deployment walls are a great way to help kids cope with their parent’s separation.

There are so many different and unique ways to create your own deployment wall in your home to make it feel special and meaningful.

You may want to include a shadow box or a framed photo of a promotion of your service member.  Maybe you want to put up patriotic décor and a countdown.

Below, we have listed a few of our favorite ways to create a deployment wall.

A picture of our deployment wall is shown below, along with the different elements we used for ours.  We have also included a few other ideas that we have seen on others’ walls.

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How to create a deployment wall 


make a deployment wall


world map amazon product

world map on amazon

We use a map to show our kids’ where Dad is compared to where we are.  Then they can see how far away he is from home.

You can use push pins to mark the locations, or you can even use a scratch off map.  (The bottom map).

With the scratch off map, you can scratch off your location and your service member’s location, which will show the color come through on those places only.


Push pins 

push pins product on amazon

You can use these to put a pin on your map showing your location, as well as your spouse’s location.  This is a great way for your kids to see how far away Dad/Mom is from home.


map for deployment wall


Corkboard for map

If you decide to use push pins with your map, you should make sure to pick up a corkboard.  Make sure that the corkboard measurements match the measurements of your map!


Shelves to use for your deployment wall

3 shelves for wall product on amzon


deployment wall decor

You may want to put a small table in front of your wall or you could use shelves.  We placed our deployment countdown, push pins, flags, décor, and deployment books on our shelves for our deployment wall.


Clocks for deployment wall

dual clocks on amazon product

I like this pack of two clocks because you can set one clock to your time, and one clock to your spouse’s time.  This helps you always remember what time it is where your spouse is located.


Deployment Countdown Ideas

countdown for deployment product amazon

deployment countdown amazon

(These are made for every branch).


ring countdown amazon

Paper chain countdown: At the start of the deployment, you can have your kids put together a paper chain with the number of days their parent will be gone.

For example, a six month deployment should have 180 circles on the chain.  (Of course, the exact number may change as you get closer to their homecoming and learn what the exact date is that they are coming back home.)

As each day passes, you can have your child pull off one piece of the chain.  This will help them feel encouraged during the deployment and remember that their parent will be coming home.

365 days countdown for military product amazon


Tear Off Countdown: Similarly to the paper chain, this is a tear-off countdown to use.  Each day, you will tear off another page as you count down the days til your service member comes home.


mini american flags amazon


Patriotic décor

usa patriotic wall decor

usa patriotic wall decor amazon


amazon home of the free because of the brave decor

heroes don't wear capes patriotic decor


Shadow Box

shadow box on amazon

Mail Holder

american mail box holder amazon

A mail holder is fantastic way to collect any pictures, drawings, or letters you may want to send your spouse.  You can place them in the mail holder until you are ready to send out a care package or letter to your service member.

Alternatively, you can also place any letters you receive from your service member in the slot.


Deployment books

books for deployment wall


I love to read deployment books with the kids to remind them that they are not alone.  It helps to hear stories of other kids who are going through the same things as they are.



You may also want to put up photos of your service member, your family, or previous homecomings to complete your deployment wall.


These are just a few of the things we have done to make our deployment wall at home.  There are so many wonderful ways to make your deployment wall your own unique place in your home.

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Do you have a deployment wall at your house?  Share a photo below!


deployment wall

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