How to Make Friends as a Military Spouse

Learn how to make friends as a military spouse in a new town.

Are you wondering how to make friends as a military spouse when you move to a new duty station?  So many new military wives feel alone after each PCS.

It really hit me hard when my husband left for his first deployment.  We had been living in our new town for over a year, but I hadn’t made any friends.

I was an introvert who was with my kids all of the time. (We homeschool and had no babysitter in town either.)

And to be honest, I was pretty happy just being with my kids and husband most of the time.  But once he left, that changed quickly.

My husband’s first deployment was harder for me than when he was at boot camp because of the fact that I knew nobody in our town. The one friend I had made already moved to a new duty station just a few months before.

So how do you make friends as a military spouse in a new place?  

It’s so easy to make friends in high school and college, but as an adult it can be much harder.  Especially if you are a stay-at-home Mom that isn’t meeting others at an office outside of the house.

But I craved the connections and adult interaction.  Especially when my husband left.

I discovered that the only way to make friends as an adult is to put yourself out there.  So I did.

make friends military spouse

Here are some of the best places to make friends as a military spouse:


If you are religious, then this can be a great place to make friends.  Join in on a bible study for women or couple’s.  Get involved in the church and volunteer with the children’s program.


PWOC stands for Protestant Women of the Chapel.  (You do not have to be Protestant in order to join).  It is sponsored by the military and offered at many different bases around the globe.

It is a special ministry designed to cater to women associated with the military.  Read more about PWOC and find out if your base has a PWOC group here. (Our current base does not offer PWOC, but many others do).


MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. These groups offer meetings for Moms twice a month (with childcare for your children).

These groups can be found at many different local churches and do charge a small fee to join.  (The first meeting is usually free).

There is usually coffee and refreshments, as well as a guest speaker and craft.  These groups can be very encouraging and a great way to meet other women who are in the same stages of life as you.

Some locations offer a special military MOPS group, as well.  Find a local MOPS group here.


MOMSNext is a group associated with MOPS but for moms of kids that are school-age.  They have meetings twice a month at local churches, as well.

Find a MOMsNext group here.


BSF stands for Bible Study Fellowship.  These weekly classes are offered all around the globe.

They also offer child care during your class.

Bible studies during the day offer a child care program for preschoolers.  Bible studies in the evening offer child care with curriculum catered to school age students.

Find a BSF class here.

Your child’s school

Another great place to meet other parents is at your children’s school.

From PTA meetings to school plays, carnivals, and field days, you have many opportunities to come across other parents who you could hit it off with.

You could also befriend the parents of your children’s friends.

Extracurricular Activities

For parents of younger kids, you can find friends at parks, zoos, pools, and other local hot spots for infants, toddlers, and preschool age children.

For parents of school age children, you can find a new friend at activities such as dance class or soccer practice.

Moms Club

These groups are offered around the globe and are meant to serve as a community for Moms in all stages of life.

They offer monthly meetings along with planned activities outside of the meetings, including park days, craft days, Moms night out, and more.

Find your local Moms Club here.

Base Group for Parents

Many bases offer get-together’s for parents and their kids.  Check out your base’s Facebook page to see if they offer a group at your installation.

Housing events

Whether you live on or off base, your community may offer events and activities for those living in that area.  Our local base offers picnics, BBQ’s, and more for those who live on base.

While we don’t live on base, we live in a community that also offers many different events for children, parents, and adults, such as Food Truck Friday, Casino Night, Oktoberfest, seasonal events, and more.

Base events

With so many activities taking place every month on base from festivals, to concerts, and more, attending a base event can be a terrific place to connect with others.

While making friends outside of the military community can be great, it is nice to have friends who are going through the same things as you and can relate to your circumstances.

FRG Meetings

A great way to meet spouses who are going through the same things as you, is to attend FRG meetings.  These meetings are a great way to meet the wives/husbands of those who work directly with your spouse.

This can be a great resource because when your spouse deploys, as these friends will also be dealing with a deployment and needing support as well.  A deployment also makes it easier to connect with others who are also looking for support and friendships.

Through your spouse’s friends

This is one of the easiest ways to make friends.  Make plans with your spouse’s co-workers and their wives/husbands.

Go out for a drink, or invite them to your house for a barbecue.  Head to the beach or attend church with them.

Your local spouse Facebook group

This seems to be the easiest way for most spouses to connect in my area.  Join the Facebook group for your spouse’s duty station to meet many other wives/husbands who are also looking for friends.

You can also search for other Facebook groups for your locale.

Jacksonville, Florida has Facebook groups for homeschool families, groups for Moms, groups for people who want to work out, groups for each specific community in town (Oakleaf, Mandarin, Orange Park, Fleming Island, etc.), and so many other groups.

Many of these groups will have get togethers and events so that you can connect with others who have the same interests, or for those that live near you.

Just remember to always be safe when meeting someone from the internet.  Always meet in public places and don’t share too much information about your family or your spouse’s job.


This is an app for Moms to meet other Moms who have the same interests as them.  Think of it as like Tinder but for making friendships.

You read the profile of a local Mom then swipe right if you like them!  Download the Peanut app here.

Similar to the local Facebook groups, is a website that lets you join groups for those in the same location as you.

They have groups for all types of things: fitness, health, Moms’ night out, and so many more.  It is definitely worth checking out.

Check out here.


If you enjoy working out, then you can try making friends at your local gym while getting your work out in or while taking a group fitness class.

These friends are great to have because you can continue to have a workout partner, which is great for keeping up your motivation to get to the gym everyday.


This is probably the most obvious place that you can find new friends.  If you have a job outside of the home, then it can be a great start to finding your tribe.


If you are thinking about going back to school, or are currently in school, then this would be a perfect place to make friends.  (It’s always so much easier to make friends through classes or work, right?)

I hope that some of these ideas have helped you and that you are able to find the right people to connect with.  Military life can be lonely if you don’t have others by your side to help you through it.

That’s why it’s so important to put yourself out there.  The friends you make as a military spouse can easily become your second family, and it’s important to have those people in your life.

They can make the good times better and the tough times a lot more bearable.

Learning how to make friends as a military spouse is easier than you think!


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How to Make Friends as a Military Spouse

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