7 Perfect Military Graduation Gifts (Boot Camp & Basic Training)

Find military graduation gifts that will help your loved one after they are done at boot camp and basic training.

Did you know that it is customary to give military graduation gifts to your loved one once they complete basic training or boot camp?

Now that your loved one has decided to join the military, and has gone through the hardships of basic training or boot camp, they will be focusing on the next step of their military career.

Whether your loved one is a son, daughter, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.; there is a great military gift idea that they will love.

Find the perfect gift that can help them in the upcoming days after graduation is over.

These military graduation gift ideas will work for any branch of the service, too!

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Military graduation gifts that your new service member will love (and actually use!):

Money or a gift card

One of the most common and useful presents you can get someone who has just graduated is money or a gift card.

They can put the money towards their savings or investments, or they can use it for their everyday expenses such as eating out, their bills, or things they like.

Find gift cards on Amazon.

Restaurant gift cards

While your graduate will most likely eat most of their meals on base, you can’t go wrong with a restaurant gift card for when they are getting tired of eating at the galley everyday, or when they want to go out to socialize with friends.

Pick up a restaurant gift card here.

PlayStation or Xbox gift card

If your graduate is anything like my husband, this will be one of the best gifts you could give them.

While my husband was at A school, if he wasn’t in class, studying, or with friends, then you could be 100% certain that he was on his Xbox.

We gave him a Xbox gift card and he absolutely loved it!

Pick up a PlayStation gift card  / Xbox gift card.

Challenge coins

Challenge coins are given to military members for different achievements in their careers.  I gave my husband a challenge coin as a gift for finishing boot camp.

The one I chose for him represented his “ship” (which was the building that he stayed in during training).

challenge coins navy military amazon

A couple places to find military challenge coins are:



Challenge Coins 4 Less

Challenge Coins LTD


You can never go wrong with purchasing a multitool!  This will definitely be a gift they will love and use constantly, on the go.

Leatherman is our favorite brand, but there are many to choose from.

Pick up a multitool here.


multitool for military graduation gift military



A watch is a great gift because in the military – if you are on time, then you are late.  They will never lose track of the time while wearing a watch.

The G-Shock watches are popular in the military, especially during deployment, as it can keep track of different time zones.

Check out watches on Amazon here.

gshock watch for military graduation gift on amazon


Graduation cards

Don’t forget to pick up a graduation card, too.  They have great ones at Walmart, Target, or even the Dollar store.

If you are looking for something specific to graduating from the military, then check out these great cards available on Amazon.  (They make these for every branch!)

military graduation card on amazon

military graduation card on amazon army

Graduating from basic training or boot camp is a momentous occasion in your loved one’s career, and we hope you will enjoy celebrating this monumental achievement.

I hope our list of military graduation gifts helped you find something special for your loved one as they graduate from basic training or boot camp.

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