10 Amazing Military Spouse Benefits that Rock

These military spouse benefits make the hardships of military life not so bad after all.

Being a military spouse is not without challenges.  But these military spouse benefits are definitely a perk of the lifestyle.

9 Military spouse benefits that we love

9. Education

Did you know that as a military spouse you are eligible for many educational scholarships? 

You are also eligible for the MyCAA scholarship program that lets you use up to $4,000 of tuition assistance.

You must be a spouse of an active duty service member, National Guard, or reservist whose pay grade is E-1 to E-5, W-1 to W-2, or O-1 to O-2. 

MyCAA programs can help you earn a license, certification, or associate’s degree in various fields. 

If you are looking to go back to school, then utilizing the financial assistance from MyCAA is a great advantage of being a military wife.

8. Tricare

As a mom who had two kids before my husband joined the military, Tricare makes me almost consider having a third child.

Tricare is amazing.  Long gone are the days of paying up to $1,000 a month on health insurance costs for a family of four, on top of our heavy deductible and co-pays.

There are moms who have paid under $100 total during their entire pregnancy and for labor and delivery.  That blows my mind compared to the costs that we had to pay with civilian private insurance.

Tricare is definitely a major perk of military life.

7. Military discounts

Discounts here, discounts there, discounts everywhere!  When you live in a military town, it seems that almost every business offers a military discount.

As a military family of four on an E-5 income, this definitely helps us stay on budget.  Thanks to all local businesses who offer these savings to military families.

Does it feel awkward as a spouse to ask if they offer a military discount because we aren’t the service member?  Yes, extremely. 

But we are very grateful that they do.

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6. Military balls

Some of the best moments of our childhood are attending beautiful over-the-top dances and events such as homecoming and prom.

When you become a military spouse, you get to continue on with these cherished events through the military ball.

The military ball is an annual event that is offered at many bases all around the world.  

Who doesn’t love an excuse to buy a gorgeous gown, get their hair and nails done, and get all dolled up?

5. Travel

This is probably one of my absolute favorite parts of this list.

I never imagined living anywhere else but our home state.  As a military family, we get to live in different parts of the world every few years.

I never imagined visiting the west coast in my life, and now we get to play and explore in that part of the country.  

But even more than being able to live in different places every few years, is the possibility that one day you may get stationed on an island like Hawaii or Guam, or spend a few years overseas.

Getting stationed overseas might be a little scary, but how many of your friends and family can say they have lived in Germany or Italy for two years?

The last part of this military spouse benefit that we love is Space A Travel.  While it is temporarily restricted because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is a major perk of military life.

Space A travel lets military members and their families join military flights to travel around the world for free (in most cases).  You can read more about flying with Space-A at Military OneSource.

4. BAH

When you marry someone in the military, they will be able to start receiving basic allowance for housing.  This means that the government will give them a non-taxable allowance that goes towards their housing costs.

If you choose to live on-base then the entire BAH will go towards your housing and utilities.  If you choose to live off of base, then theoretically the BAH should cover 95% of your housing and utility cost based on the average cost of living in your area.

Given the rising costs of the housing market these days, this is definitely one of the best military spouse benefits.

3. Community

It can be really hard to move away from our families and friends.  It is even more difficult to get up and do it repeatedly every 2 to 3 years.

Luckily, the military community is a tight-knit community that looks out for each other.  There are many ways to make friends as a military spouse in a new town.

Going through deployments, PCS moves, and living across the country from your family, are all hardships that are better endured together.

Military families are more likely to connect and reach out to each other because they are going through the same adjustments and hardships that we are.

Being apart of the military community is one of the best military spouse benefits.

2. Resilience

Imagine this… You move across the country from your family and best friends… Then within months, your spouse leaves for a 6 month deployment overseas.

These can all be terrifying things to endure on your own.  But, going through them helps you and your children build resilience and independence as you adjust to the circumstances.

You will be able to do things you never thought you could. 

You will take on and tackle household chores and emergencies on your own that you would’ve never thought you could manage alone.

And if anything gets too bad, you still have that military community to fall back on.

Then when you are on that third deployment or fourth cross country move, it doesn’t seem so harrowing anymore.

Because you have become strong and independent from the experiences you have faced head on.

1. Having a real life hero as your spouse

Don’t you just love taking those beautiful homecoming photos when your spouse comes home from deployment?  You know the ones… 

The videos of spouses reuniting with a kiss, or photos of kids being reunited with their parent.

Despite the hardships we face as military wives or husbands, it’s pretty amazing to know we are married to a real life hero.

We get to walk into a military ball on the arm of a man in uniform. 

Barry Allen and Clark Kent have nothing on our spouse.

And we couldn’t be more proud of them.

Which of these military spouse benefits do you enjoy the most?


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